Hack FB - Frequently Asked Questions

Www.fbaccounthacking.com Does it really works?

Our site is regularly used by several people, who are very satisfied, and we never had any problems.

How much do you charge for your services?

Our services are totally free, all you have to do is invite 5 different people. Once you invite five other people on our site, you will be able to get the password, We the password on the Facebook server, and we do not change the password. The person you piraterez never be aware of, because it is completely invisible.

If I use your service, Facebook can be aware of what I did?

Do not worry about it. For it is not you who hack the account is that our servers are in charge of everything! Everything will be completely anonymous and invisble, Facebook can not doubt that anything because when you turn on the procesuss hack, our servers will do it and you will just have to wait!

I do not have the email address connected to the Facebook account that I want to hack

You can use our system to hack Facebook accounts without knowing the email address linked to the Facebook account. You need the link profile of the victim, nothing more. Our systèmeva then hack facebook account and retrieve the password. At the end of the hacking process, our system will provide the login information for the Facebook account. This means that once you have hacked the Facebook account with Facebook ID, you conaitrez email connected to 0 Facebook account address, and you will get the password. You can then connect to the Facebook account as the original account owner, without problem! Yes, it's beautiful is not it?

Does the person know when I log into his facebook account?

Yes, there have a chance if you connect two times in the same day on two different computers! This is quite normal is the sécuritée facebook. But do not worry! We can help you. We can connect to the Facebook server and then disable the security section on the account you want to hack, what it does not pouras be aware that you're connected users you! Do it veras his own PC.

How our system works?

Our system needs to know the link to the account you want to hack. Go to the section "hack facebook account," read the instructions, then tap Facebook user name of your target. Once you provide the required information, our hacking system will connect to Facebook servers and do its job (pirater!). Ie if you want to hack a Facebook account, please provide the email address linked to Facebook account (which is actually the login user's Facebook account name). Our hacking system will then connect to the Facebook servers to find where is located the account you want to hack. Then our system will retrieve the password stored in the user database of Facebook data for you. We just hack the account, we do not change the password. The whole hacking process is complex and we do not want to bore you with the details. After a few minutes, at the end of the hacking process, once our system obtains the password from the database and decrypt facebook, click GET THE PASSWORD to get it!

How can you hack Facebook accounts?

We have two former developers who worked for facebook, facebook after leaving a few years back, they brought with them the technique for passwords facebook! How do they? This will remain a secret, but we assure you that it is 100% reliable, the two developers have years of experience!